Nebby Neighbors

I was out for a walk yesterday in Frick Park on the first really warm day of the spring here in Pittsburgh, PA. It was early, so there were a lot of birds bouncing around and vocalizing.


4-13-18 Flicker
4-13-2018 – Frick Park, Pittsburgh, PA – Sally Ingraham


These two Carolina Chickadees continued to hang out on the power line while the Flicker went in and out of the hole it was excavating. The Chickadees reminded me of nebby neighbors (“nebby” is the Pittsburgh equivalent of “nosy”) who catch you in the midst of yard work, and then stand around gabbing and offering advice while you break your back digging a post hole…!

Not that the Flicker seemed to care. It is breeding season, and there was another Northern Flicker calling nearby. Later on I saw them both in trees a few yards apart, “singing” (if you can call it that) their piercing rattle of a tune to each other.

There are noticeably more birds now, both species and quantities, and the Goldfinches are getting really yellow. Spring has been very slow to arrive, but I do believe it is finally here.

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